Nova: Nova Proudly Presents “Periapsis!”

We are excited to announce that Nova’s debut album, “Periapsis,” is now available for purchase and download on iTunes!

The first small scraps of material for this album revealed themselves in the Spring of 2008 and slowly cooked for three years in “Macintosh HD>Users>Nick DePinna>Music>Logic>Nova,” until we committed to finishing the project in May of 2011. Well over a thousand combined work hours later, and here it is!  While iTunes classifies “Periapsis” as an EP, we’ve always considered it a short album.  Besides, six songs and twenty-five minutes of music seems to be a defensible size.

“Periapsis” is, for the most part, very heavily orchestrated, and the rhythmic structures in most of the songs are quite complex.  The intention of both of these aspects was to stretch the mind and focus the attention of the listener while still evoking a familiar sound and intensity that he or she could grab onto.  We wanted people to feel like they wanted to dance to the music despite the foreign nature of some of the other aspects.  Encouraging and not-so-surprising fact in support of music that has some mystery:  Challenging your brain is good for you!

Overall, we ended up using the same amount of acoustic instruments as we did software instruments.  The only song on the album that is entirely acoustic is “Solaris,” which we had not planned on including in the album until the very last minute!  Blending the acoustic and synthetic elements of the music in the remainder of the album was certainly a challenge, as well as a fascinating topic of conversation that we’ll save for a later date.

Credits and lyrics for “Periapsis” can be found under the “Periapsis,” tab of our website.


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